We know that talent attracts talent. For this reason, what we do is not for everyone.

We want to work with those musicians who themselves want to keep growing, learning and performing in a balanced and integrated way.

We are looking for talented and dedicated artists whose desire is not only personal success but rather those who recognize that they were born with a great gift to share.

Angélica Fanjul

Career Development

Angelica is a natural producer. Coordinator of national and international seminars. Pioneer in creating shared value, bringing together government sectors, businesses, NGOs, academics and media.

She was at the forefront of the environmental movement in Chile, developed national policies and practices to include the voice of the citizens. She is a passionate social leader whose political understanding allows her to read the public frame, the press and context, and thus knowing where and when to enter the market with an artist.

She has designed, collaborated and directed a series of transformation projects that were always purpose-driven, working with communities and countries, involving leaders from all fields of work. Angelica loves people, the arts and artists. Her networks are vast and she has a great capacity to build strong and trusted relationships at all levels. She cares deeply and is deeply caring.

Caroline Ward

People Development

The greatest strength of Caroline is her faith in and ability to inspire others to go out into the world and be their best. She is a naturally creative thinker capable of generating divergent solutions in any moment and she believes that although tradition plays its part, the future belongs to that which we are creating right here and now.

Caroline brings together strategies from a diverse range of disciplines to deliver high performance results. She has applied these capabilities in a range of fields including the arts where she negotiated a new fee structure for the entire profession in her home country, Australia, increasing the artists´ income by 50%.

She is a specialist in personal and collective transition and transformation. She was a coach before there was such a thing. She is skillful in the more subtle aspects of business meaning she can detect emergent trends and intuit the path to follow with sharp clarity, even recognizing future obstacles and how to overcome them. She loves to negotiate, create opportunities, and help others to be bold, brave and shine their light to the maximum.