Curators of talents

From the Latin – curare – to take care.

At Fanjul & Ward, we take care of talent.

We are passionate about making sure that great talent is accompanied by great success. We believe that holistically successful artists can, do and will make a significant impact on the future of our world.

As such, we support their success in two very specific areas:

We represent talent

We make sure that the right people in the right places know all about them; precise profiling and positioning of artists through various media – new and old – together with reaching out to create and strengthen networks with producers and artistic directors and other like-minded successful artists.

We accompany talent

We make sure that artists get the right kind of support – whatever that is – to help them take care of their success long term. Knowing that the artist is the seed of her or his success, then it is critical that the artist is as solid and firmly planted in himself/herself as possible. This means accompanying each individual, ensuring that they know how best to take care of themselves – body, mind and wealth – looking after the business of their art, the happiness of their heart and creating stability and longevity in what they love doing.