Alexis Vallejos

Celebrated as one of the best guitar players on either side of the Pacific Ocean.




Classical guitarist Alexis Vallejos is one of the most important Chilean musicians of his generation. Winner of the 19th Andrés Segovia International Classical Guitar Competition (Linares, Spain), he has made successful concert tours in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Alexis Vallejos began his musical studies at the age of 18 years with maestro Romilio Orellana in the Department of Music and Sonology at the University of Chile Faculty of Arts. Then, he earned a Master’s degree in Classical Guitar from the University of Alicante in Spain, where she studied with the most important guitar and lute teachers: Hopkinson Smith, Manuel Barrueco, David Russell, Ignacio Rodes, Carles Trepat, Roberto Aussel, José de Eusebio and Nigel North.

He has won major awards in national and international contests. Besides the First Prize, unanimously awarded, at the 19th Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition, he has also been awarded in international competitions in various countries of Europe and the Americas.

His first solo album, “Recital” (music by Mauro Giuliani, Agustín Barrios, Francisco Tárrega and Manuel Ponce) has received rave reviews from the press and specialists. Currently, he has a contract with Uniquepiece Records (Seoul, South Korea) to carry out 3 recording projects. One of them is the CD “Chaconne” (2017), recorded using four different guitars built by the most renowned luthiers in the history of the instrument.

His search for new guitar music has led him to premiere works which he has recorded or presented in major festivals. Relevant Latin American composers have dedicated him their pieces: José Luis Merlin (“Bailongo Campero”), Carlos Ledermann (“Preludio divagante” and “Lucila”), Felipe Pinto d’Aguiar (“Entre otras cosas”) y Anthony Ocaña (“El viaje de Chihiro”), among others.

He has performed with orchestras in different continents. Of particular note was his performance at the prestigious Oji Hall in Japan along with the Tokyo Sinfonia as part of its 2017 international season. There he played a program with three concertos for guitar and orchestra, including the Asian premiere of the “Concierto Festivo” by renowned Puerto Rican composer Ernesto Cordero, a performance which earned him acclaim from both audience and critics.

In 2016 he was appointed cultural sponsor of the Juan Noé Crevani Artistic High School (Arica, Chile), a position he has used to provide support for several cultural activities to the benefit of the city. This has given birth to the Arica International Classical Music Meeting, which in 2016 had guests from Colombia, South Korea and Chile, as well as the collaboration of the YOA (Orchestra of the Americas).

He has been appointed artistic director of different competitions, such as the Jornadas Internacionales de la Guitarra (‘International Guitar Days’) in Cochabamba, the Agustín Barrios Festival Guitar in Tokyo, and the ‘Cuerda Pulsada’ (‘Plucked String’) and “Guitarras en Latinoamérica” festivals in Chile.

He regularly gives concert tours, seminars and masterclasses in Japan, Russia, China, Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Perú. He uses Royal Classics strings, and Marcelo Barbero and Hongsik Uhm guitars.

Alexis Vallejos is an artist of Fanjul & Ward.



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“Your work is very admirable, there are many moments of pure poetry, a pleasure.” Hopkinson Smith, commenting on the CD “Recital”

“In addition to his stylistic knowledge, Vallejos stamps that personal seal which shows us we are in the presence of a truly creative musician—one who can listen to many discs of the most famous maestros, without allowing them to define his own and unique way of saying things.” Marcos Puña, ‘La opinión’ newspaper, Bolivia, 2015

“At first glance, it’s hard to imagine such finesse and subtlety in a performance—it really makes you feel the music’s depth and passion… It has been truly remarkable the way he shapes the melody, his command of contrasts and colors (…) He has a very interesting sense of rhythm—it makes you feel the passion of the Latin American blood.” Gendai Guitar Magazine, Japan, 2017

“Renowned Chilean guitarist Alexis Vallejos lived a night where ovations crowned a very good performance at the Oji Hall in Tokyo. He presented beautiful works by Giuliani and Vivaldi, and exceeded all expectations with the Japanese premiere of the Concierto Festivo for guitar and orchestra by Puerto Rican composer Ernesto Cordero.” International Press, Japan, 2017

“His artistic and expressive quality is astonishing, as well as his choice of a refined repertoire… I think he will definitely come again. The Chinese audience will bring back this Chilean guitarist, who has now started a new career in China.” Musical Instrument Magazine, China, 2014


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